Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Return Of Whatever 02-16-09

"Sometimes Interesting, Sometimes Funny. Always Weird!"

Back again for another fun filled cast.

Video version on Youtube:

Audio Version:

This week we answer (in the loosest possible definition of the word) one of listeners topic requests.

Anonymouslives @ReturnOfWhateve Posted: I'd like to see you guys talk about Macbook pro's vs Macbooks, vs other laptops, for artistic, and educational purposes.

I'm not sure that any of the information we provide is useful but we certainly talked about it.

A few of our other topics:

Brew your own booze or why we love Make.

Cause all geeks love big sequential numbers.

Electronic Ciggies. Um...yay?

Facebook becomes big brother.

(NOTE) Facebook has since revoked their new terms of service. Behold the power of ROW.