Sunday, July 31, 2005

Return of Whatever Podcast 9 (7-31-05)

Dan and Herb are in this podcast. Amit is missing this week. It is like kool-aid, you have the kool-aid, but on sugar, you have the water but no kool-aid. But to get all three together is hard to do sometimes. We'll try to get the all the boys together next week.

Return of Whatever Podcast 9 (7-31-05) mp3 14 megs

I'm a Nerd song that Herb wrote

The week we talked about:

Windows Update Cracked Again
How many sodas does it take to kill you?
How Popular Is Your Name?
Find a real person to talk to

Cool links this week:
Wi-fi from 125 miles away
Make and print your own low tech CD case
How To Build Your Own
Paper Rocket

Old mac games
Emulated games that run in a Java browser