Sunday, October 29, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcasts 73 (10-29-06)

Amit, Dan and Herb star in this podcast. That is right the Kool-Aid is back!! Podcast fun for all! Oh what a feeling!! A trip down nerd lane!! The Internet is cool!

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Growing intelligence surrounding the earth

Da Vinci was arabic?

More japanese robot mayhem!

Russian Student Wins Google's Global Code Jam Contest

22% of Americans spend 1 to 3 hours on e-mail each day

All Laptops Break. Period.

Mac OS X86 10.4.8 DVD for Intel SSE3 released

Time Magazine: Why Two Browsers are Better than One

Harvard Mac sales surge 30 percent

Computer Labs have a future in k-12 environments

Facebook Officially Launches "My Shares" / Social Bookmarking

Scientists develop a real Star Trek Universal Translator

How to spot an internet addict

Woman Earns High School Diploma At 82 Years Of Age

Students being punished for posting on MySpace and blogs

National Novel Writing Month

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 72 (10-19-06)

Dan and Herb star in this podcast. That is right Dan and Herb are back!! Podcast fun for all! Oh what a feeling!! A trip down virus lane!!!

Sorry that Dan is so quiet as compared to Herb. Next week we'll have Herb talk softer!!!

row10-19-06 18.0 megs mp3


Apple sells some Macs

How Do You Secure 100 Million Laptops?

LA Community College Going Off the Grid

How's Your Email Etiquette?

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 7 Final (on

You're Better Off Just Assuming You're Not Safe Online.

Google CEO: Techies Must Educate Governments

After Shootings, Some Teachers Get Guns

Stop Viruses for Free!

40+ Ways to Make Money on the Internet

A second language 'changes personality'

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 71 (10-12-06)

Dan and Herb star in this podcast. That is right Dan and Herb are back!! Podcast fun for all!

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Public Schools Have Flunked Out: How can we save & regenerate education?

Compilation of Web 2.0 Office Applications for School

Spreadsheet and Word Processing combination

White House & Laura Bush Address School Violence

10 reasons you shouldn't go to film school

Clinton Deal Cuts School Snack Foods

Technology The Boss Uses To Spy on You

Are These Faces Computer Generated Or Real?

PayScale: How Much Money Do You Make?

Shelfari, like YouTube for Books

First YouTube, Now Facebook? Rumors Circulate about Google

The Acquisition Price Guide

10 Apps to Increase Productivity on Your Mac

How to Turn your eBooks into Paperback Books At Home…FAST

How To Look Like A UNIX Guru

Guy Gets to Level 60 in WoW..No Armor!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 70 (10-04-06)

Amit and Herb star in this podcast. That is right Amit and Herb is back!! Two mac users and owners this week. Another fun podcast!!!

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More American Universities Banning Skype

What's the world's fastest supercomputer used for?

Practical guide to Web Typography

What Exactly is Web 2.0?

Teens: E-mail is for old people

Podcaster of the year wants name change

Kill Unwanted Processes Using This Useful App!

A list of 25+ Free Video classes.

20 Reasons The World despises Norton Anti-Virus

Intel reveals specifications for budget-priced Classmate PC

TinyXP - 55Mb WinXP client

The 7 deadly sins of resumé design

EBook Reader