Sunday, August 28, 2005

Return of Whatever Podcast 13 (8-28-05)

The Kool aid is complete this week! Amit, Dan and Herb are in this podcast. We hope to have all the boys together again next week. Kool aid is good.

Return of Whatever Email us!

Return of Whatever (Podcast 13 08-28-05) 28 megs mp3

Show notes:

top 10 data destruction disasters,39020448,39214338,00.htm

Buyers guide

Geek Overcomes Social Anxiety By Turning Life into RPG (Fake story but something to think about)

Mac OS Through the Ages

24.5 million XP Crashes a day!,4149,1210067,00.asp

List of Windows XP Commands

Windows XP Free Downloads

Sony laptop using OS X

Good list of Mac Freeware

First Person Shooter only 100kb

Program in

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Return of Whatever Podcast 12 (8-21-05)

The Kool aid is once again incomplete. Dan and Herb are in this podcast. We hope to get all the boys together next week.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 12 08-21-05) 18 megs mp3 All one internet tool What others can see about you on the net. How to type with one hand (We will talk about this site next week.)
50 buck iBook sale
Freeware for OS X Freeware for XP What is the Scroll Lock for? Gas Prices
around the World

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Return of Whatever Podcast 11b (8-15-05)

The Whatever boys eating at Quark's
Yellow Flower Yellow Flower

Here is the podcast Amit and Herb recorded at Quark's after the Star Trek Convention.

Return of Whatever Podcast 11b (8-15-05) 7 megs mp3

Return of Whatever Podcast 11 (8-14-05)

From the exhibit hall.
Yellow Flower
From the Airport in Las Vegas.
Yellow Flower
The whole gang eating in Vegas.
Yellow Flower
Straight from Vegas this week! The Star Trek Convention rocked!

This week, three different podcast. One audio and two video podcast.

Return of Whatever Podcast 11a (8-11-05) 2.2 megs mp3

Video Podcast in the exhibit hall 7 megs mp3

Video Podcast at the Airport 12 megs mp3

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Return of Whatever Podcast 10b (8-7-05)

The boys are back together for this podcast!!!!

Return of Whatever Podcast 10b (8-7-05) 13 megs mp3

Video of Mac OS X Booting on a 2.8Ghz P4

Vista Viruses Unleashed!

Might Mouse

Make your own book

Cool photo software

New-School NES and SNES w/ Wirless Controllers

Cool links:

Don't Copy That Floppy

Mac 101

How to Call in Sick When You Just Need a Day Off