Monday, July 24, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcasts 60 (7-24-06)

Dan and Herb star in this podcast. Fun times with the ROW boys. Two parts are together this week! Wifi, Wimax and how to use Google this week! Dan is drinking tea Herb is drinking sugarfree Koolaid.
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The Official Internet Webpage

MySpace feels the heat

California temp's cause power outages, Myspace and yahoo are hit

Wal-Mart's "MySpace-Killer" Is A Real Bomb

Laptops pre-loaded with Linux getting popular (posted in 2004 too old to talk about)

Surfing The Web With Nothing But Brainwaves

How to Change a Windows XP 2000 Password without knowing the origanal pass.

How much is your average fuel cost? Database of 25k cars from 1984-2006

The 10 Coolest Technologies You've Never Heard Of

Fake Google Website Hides Trojan Horse

YouTube Is The Fastest Growing Website

Wireless Broadband Could Go Live Nationwide in Less Than 3 Years

Free Tool Scans Sites For Threats

Do More Tech Toys Make You Happier?

19 minutes - how long working parents give their children

Email becomes the new snail mail

Spell Anything with Google Images

Vanity Fair: The Story Behind "Loose Change"

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcasts 59 (7-18-06)

Amit, Dan and Herb star in this podcast. Fun times with the ROW boys. All three parts are together this week! A lot of WebCt talk this week.
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Top 10 Mac Applications For Students

Free 10 Week Online AJAX Course by Sun Microsystems

Conservative Christian Schools Perform Worst

Artificial Intelligence Turns 50 Years Old

70% Work For A Toxic Boss: Learning To Cope hijack is currently spreading like wildfire

YouTube Serves Up 100 Million Videos Per Day

In France you can get a PC and Broadband Wireless for a Buck a Day!

Fixed an iPod by banging it on his desk

Almost Every file format in the world!

35 Ways You Can Use RSS Today

Street-Legal Jet Powered VW Beetle

Nintendo DS Booting Macintosh System 6

HOWTO: Make a Movie That Looks Like 'A Scanner Darkly'

One of Herb's Videos turn in to A Scanner Darkly'

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcasts 58 (7-12-06)

Amit and Herb star in this podcast. Fun times with the ROW boys. Dan is at an educational convention and will report next week on the convention.
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Facebook, Myspace, etc. And Getting Hired

MySpace Moves Into #1 Position for all Internet Sites

At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust

Ten signs you're tech obsessed.

A closer look at Apple's educational iMac

$40 Linux PC - Monitor/Keyboard Included

Military-Grade PDA is Everything-Proof

List of the Most Controversial Books Ever Written

Free 3D Astronomy software for Windows, Linux, and OSX

Want to learn Chinese, China wants to teach you

New Internet Tech 153,000 Times Faster Than Modem

Negroponte: $100 laptops due next year

Trade Your Old CDs For A Free iPod

'google', verb, small 'g', added to Webster's Dictionary

Wearable Wrist Computer From 1984

A Link to a HUGE list of 80s Music Videos!

Magic Eye Image Creator

Phone without talking

Monday, July 03, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcasts 57 (7-3-06)

Dan and Herb star in this podcast. Tech and school is fun to listen to. Happy 4th of July!!

Return of Whatever (Podcast 57 7-03-06)64.mp3 19 megs mp3

Student sues over IM-related suspension

10 Ways to Tweak Your Tech Résumé

Teach your kids some real computers skills, the hard way - install linux

Windows account password cracks

HTML or CSS resource

6th grader featured on Google's Blog

Library phone answerers survive the Internet - CNET

Index of 1,000 Full Length Anime On YouTube

Who's reading your e-mail?

Common Music - an object-oriented music composition environment

Must know tips & tricks for photographers using photoshop

Supposing ... I'm too old for MySpace

10 worst arcade-to-console game conversions

Should Prisoners Be Entitled to Video Games?

Know your rights when you've been pulled over

Gopher pre WWW

Watch Herb sing his Nerd song