Thursday, August 24, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcasts 64 (8-24-06)

Dan and Herb star in this podcast. Fun times with the ROW boys. The ROW boys talking tech! Amit is without a computer this week.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 64 8-24-06)64.mp3 13 megs mp3

LibriVox: free audiobooks

Schools Banning Cell phones

Kids Say the Darndest Things in Their Blogs

Can the Germans fix Wikipedia?

Ten tips for new Ubuntu users! Excellent!

Microsoft to provide and sell ads on Facebook

Don't let the boss get you hooked on BlackBerry

Moving Towards Fax Over IP

Blogging for Dollars

Web Surfing in Public Places Is a Way to Court Trouble

Worlds largest medical experiment

Slashdot Interview with Fedora project leader

Nasa's world wind

Nintendo's Brain Age Wins Prestigious 'Edge Award'

University of Texas is No. 1... in partying

Forbidden Items in Fedora

Penny Arcade comic

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 63 (8-15-06)

Amit, Dan and Herb star in this podcast. Fun times with the ROW boys. All three ROW boys talking tech!

Return of Whatever (Podcast 63 8-15-06)64.mp3 13 megs mp3

Digital music display

Roll up piano keyboard

Slashdot for food?

New Users Network for Ubuntu

Handy reference site for units of measurements

Science only search engine

Why is the sky blue?

The Problem with Wi-Fi in the Classroom

Thailand Plans to Give 1 Free Laptop Per Child

Student releases "iProcrastinate" homework organization app, free

Time Magazine's 50 Coolest Websites

Indian village uploads itself onto Internet

Teens say NO to video on small screen devices Security Is Insufficient

Great drawing resource and Drawing Lessons - beginner to advanced

The Evolution of Desktops: from 1984 to the present

Kiboze: Group Text Messaging Made Easy

1982- 100gb Mass storage system

Famster - A safe way to upload and share your files... for free

ShowMeWhere: Google maps for everyone!

Customizing Your Computer! (Windows, OSX and Linux)

First Look at a New Web OS : Desktoptwo

How to Pick a Linux Distro (Distribution)

Social Network for Jobs

Wolfenstein Jammed Into 5K of Javascript

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 62 (8-8-06)

Amit and Herb star in this podcast. Fun times with the ROW boys. Only two parts are together this week, until Dan joins in half way in the cast! All three ROW boys talking tech!

Return of Whatever (Podcast 62 8-8-06)64.mp3 13 megs mp3

Apple stories

Reincarnating a discarded laptop with Linux

Puppy linux

How To Prevent Windows XP Users From Writing To USB Drives

Mom uses Technology to PWN Teens.

Gmail Vs Yahoo Mail Vs Hotmail

Free spreadsheet app for Mac OS X

TV streaming

Who is the king of Wikipedia?

Networking 101: Understanding Tunneling

Hackers Passing On Operating Systems....Now Focusing On Device Drivers

FCC Supports Broadband over Power Lines

College art students school Yahoo engineers in creativity

Google Launches Picasa Web Albums for Mac

Introduction to 90 Online File Storage Services

Congress Lacks High-Tech Expertise.

The 15 minute Windows XP tune-up

Bands find large Web fanbase doesn't equal big money

Original Star Trek Reborn in New Comic Series

Entire F.E.A.R Multiplayer to be made available completely FREE

Tongue controlled Gameboy Advance

Gallery of stunning digital photography with tutorials

Ω: my favorite strange number

Kids nicked for stealing 26 million veterans' data

Lieberman's site not hacked, just too cheap to buy good hosting

Rackathon 2006

Sprint to use WiMax for 4G wireless network

1000 plus photos of Herb on Picasa

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcasts 61 (8-2-06)

Amit, Dan and Herb star in this podcast. Fun times with the ROW boys. The three parts are together this week! Wifi, Wimax and how to use Google this week! Dan is drinking tea Herb is drinking sugarfree Koolaid.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 61 8-2-06)64.mp3 21 megs mp3


Blackboard Patents the LMS

MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, banned from schools?

Personal Wiki Application As Easy As Notepad -It is FREE

Gopher servers still online

USA Bill Requires Schools & Libraries BLOCK Social Networking & Chat Sites

Free math book published because they think textbook prices are too high...

The Perils of the $100 Laptop

Cash strapped schools looking for corporate sponsors.

College students find ways to drink safely.

Microsoft make MSDN Library free to download!

India plans free software for all

Can't find an IT job? Here are the reasons why.

Pentagon Watching Youtube Closely

25 Products That Defined 25 Years of Personal Computing

If You Want to be Rich: First, Stop Being So Frightened

The 100 oldest .com Domains currently registered

Burning visible images onto CD-Rs with data

Make 2 people call each other!

Postit type webpage

Make you own book on demand

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Subscribe to the story online instead of publishing as a real book

The worst educational recruitment video ever!