Sunday, June 25, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 56 (6-25-06)

Amit and Herb star in this podcast. This isn't the samurai podcast, but there is a lot of the tech this week!

Return of Whatever (Podcast 56 6-25-06)64.mp3 17 megs mp3


Class room of the future

Guy arrested for using free WiFi without buying something

Student Tried to Warn Ohio University About Vulnerability in 2002

Opera for Nintendo DS: First Look and Hands on Review

Online Graphing Calculator

Laptops Give Hope to the Homeless

Watch 120 live online TV channels for free

The majority of web surfers use 1024x768

Apple will staff the Best Buys selling Macs

Man Robbed by Teen Girls, Thought He was Meeting MySpace Friend

How to play a proper game of Tic Tac Toe

"Superman Returns" Science: Decoding the Movie Hero's Powers

Command line for everybody

Watch Herb sing the "I'm a Nerd" the cowboy way. A country version of his big hit!
I'm a Nerd (Country Version)