Sunday, April 30, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 48 (4-30-06)

Amit, Herb star in this cast with a special guest Chris that drop by to give Herb some Star Wars stuff. ROW is getting to close to a year ago.
Return of Whatever (Podcast 48 4-30-06)64.mp3 23 megs mp3

All of Berkley's course audio now on iTunes for Free! Free College?

Social Engineering: The Biggest Risk to Internet Security

Can you spot Spyware? Take the Test

IT Certifications are Less IMPORTANT!

Facebook Goes Beyond College, High School Markets

Google releases SketchUp free, with pro version

60 Billion E-mails Sent Daily

Media Wiki


Chris's Webpage

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 47 (4-23-06)

The boys all together this week! Amit, Dan and Herb star in this cast. It's great to have kool-aid together again! You guys are the best for listening to ROW!!!

Return of Whatever (Podcast 47 4-23-06)64.mp3 25.3 megs mp3


Most common ways a computer dies.

Advice for Computer Science College Students

All news is good news on this website

1Gb for your Online Virtual Drive

The internet is about to get messed up.

Kids Outsmart Web Filters

New Linux PC costs only $146

Google Cheat Sheets (Version 1.04)

Security Myths and Passwords

Apple Offers Free Computer Take-Back Program

New law requires businesses to secure their WiFi networks

The Hackers Diet

Is email bad for productivity?

Applying hacking techniques to everyday problems.

Do geeks make better significant others?

Join the ROW Fan Group

Herb's Sci-Fi movie

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 46 (4-16-06)

The boys all together this week! Amit, Dan and Herb star in this cast. It's great to have kool-aid together again! Happy Easter!!!

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U.S. Lags Behind in High-Speed Internet Access

He Invented Wireless E-Mail Yet Earns $0 From It

Blue Hippo Scam Alert! The $2000+ low end desktop computer.

Tips for Productivity and Happiness at Work

I want a Freeware Utility to ... 300+ common problems solved.

Think you know you know your science?

Internet Archive Facing Copyright Lawsuits

Useful Google Calendar Shortcuts

Web Mail Services Compared

Read It? Watched It? Swap It

Photos from the early days of computing

Check out Herb's new Sci-Fi Movie
The Timetorians Quicktime file 8 megs

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 45 (4-9-06)

The boys all together this week! Amit, Dan and Herb star in this cast. It's great to have kool-aid together again!

Return of Whatever (Podcast 45 4-9-06)64.mp3 21.9 megs mp3

Apple Boot Camp Public Beta Announced, Part of 10.5 Leopard

How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget

Cringely says Mac OS X will soon be available for any PC

Paul Thurrott's Boot Camp Review

ParallelKnoppix: Create a cluster in 5 minutes

First 300Mbps WiFi Products To Be Shipped

New virus can infect Windows/Linux at the same time!,10801,110330,00.html

Apple claims installing Boot Camp will void your warranty

Ten Video Sharing Services Compared

Al Gore is fighting for free internet

Teaching Firefox to Kids

The New Office 2007 File Formats Announced

Beginners Guide to Podcasting

How To Crack Passwords

Mood Music For Programmers

Make your own cartoon online

Herb made this cartoon with it.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcasts 44 (4-5-06)

The boys were all together this week, but it wasn't meant to be. Amit, Dan and Herb starred in that cast. It was lost so Dan and Herb recorded another fun podcast to listen too.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 44 4-5-06)64.mp3 12.8 megs mp3

Almost All Windows Drivers

Another Guide to Best Freeware

Wine 0.9.11 Released

How To Break Web Software

MySpace Parent Guide By A Teen: Understanding Social Networking

MySpace removes 200,000 objectionable profiles to calm teen safety fears

Poor Country has 95% Wi-Fi coverage,dwp_uuid=863bb51c-1f76-11da-853a-00000e2511c8.html

The Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science

CIA World FactBook

Yahoo! Widget Engine 3.0


April fools days hoaxs,_2006

Tree Fighting Movie (Starring Herb)