Sunday, July 31, 2005

Return of Whatever Podcast 9 (7-31-05)

Dan and Herb are in this podcast. Amit is missing this week. It is like kool-aid, you have the kool-aid, but on sugar, you have the water but no kool-aid. But to get all three together is hard to do sometimes. We'll try to get the all the boys together next week.

Return of Whatever Podcast 9 (7-31-05) mp3 14 megs

I'm a Nerd song that Herb wrote

The week we talked about:

Windows Update Cracked Again
How many sodas does it take to kill you?
How Popular Is Your Name?
Find a real person to talk to

Cool links this week:
Wi-fi from 125 miles away
Make and print your own low tech CD case
How To Build Your Own
Paper Rocket

Old mac games
Emulated games that run in a Java browser

Monday, July 18, 2005

Return of Whatever (Podcast 7) 7-18-05

I had a special treat this week. Amit bowed out of this week's podcast to allow the original "Whatever" cast to reunite once again. So this week we have Jerry, Nick and Herb in this week's podcast.

We talked about tech and superheros, just like our old TV show "Whatever". There aren't any links this week, we were in iHop and I had no internet on my iBook. Since we were in iHop, you can hear the waiter, and a special friend called up too.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 6 7-10-05)64.mp3
20 megs mp3

Here is a link to Jerry's book The Last Witness.

Jerry has a short story it this book.
Destroyer World: New Blood

This is stupid video of Herb getting shot with a paintball gun. It is funny and sad at the same time.
When Paintball goes wrong. Quicktime 2 megs.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Return of Whatever Podcast 6 (7-10-05)

Amit and Herb star in this podcast. Dan should be back next week!

Return of Whatever Podcast 6 7-10-05


Sci-fi cons

buying a laptop

wifi sharing

hobo marks

Girlfriend Application

Wifi Laws in your State
Wifi hacker busted

Wifi Links

Wifi finder

Hobo marks


Sunday, July 03, 2005

Return of Whatever Podcast 5a (7-3-05)

The Return of the Whatever gang logo.

This is a solo podcast done by Herbert.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 5a 7-3-05)64.mp3

We'll try and get the gang together on the 4th and record a full podcast.

Topics for the solo podcast.


Google Video

ffmpegX for Mac OS X to make videos that you can submit to Google Video