Sunday, February 19, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 38 (2-20-06)

Another fun education tech podcast with the boys. Dan, Amit and Herb star in this podcast. But only two at a time this week. Only two parts of the Kool aid at a time for this week.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 38 2-20-06)64.mp3 28 megs mp3


Windows XP 15 Minute Tuneup

How can I customize a new Windows XP installation?

Encrypting Your Communication Means You Must Be a Criminal

Recovering Scratched CDs

Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet

List of OS X freeware

DVD encryption getting smarter? Called Ripguard

Dogs Inherently Know Calculus

RIAA Targets Kids of the Mom who Stood Up to Them.

The undertaker is measuring the the Big Four record labels

Download 9 Mozart symphonies for free

Here is a the music video of me in front of the Alamo.
If I Could Only Music Video in front of the Alamo.

If I Could Only mp3 version

TMEA 2006 Music Technology session Video