Sunday, November 27, 2005

Return of Whatever Podcast 26 (11-27-05)

The Kool-Aid is finally complete two weeks in a row!!!! Amit, Dan and Herb star in this podcast. We hope all hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 26 11-27-05) 26.7 megs mp3

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Students in trouble over Blogs

Guide for Student bloggers

Swap your textbooks

Free Physics Textbook online

Havard class podcast Story

MIT's $100 laptop to run Redhat

Physics, Math and Engineering concepts using Java Applets.

Teaching Computers the Stuff We All know

Google orgins

Firefox Canvas based First Person Shooter

Try your social engineering skills (click on play this game)

How to be Lonely

Girlfriends Against Video Games

Holographic disk storage,10801,106288,00.html


Programming bacteria

Pro-evolution website sued because it recieves public funds

Jesuit speaks out against Intelligent Design

Some Herb stuff
New Star Wars fan film by Herb
The Last Battle

And if you missed it, here is my first Star Wars fan film, The Last Stand SE.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Return of Whatever Podcast 25 (11-20-05)

The Kool-Aid is finally complete! Amit, Dan and Herb star in this podcast. We hope you heart this podcast before Thanksgiving.
Return of Whatever (Podcast 25 11-20-05) 19.9 megs mp3

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DB for free?

Free - Oracle?

Home school podcast

Playing Music Can Be Good For Your Brain

Mom Makes Teen Stand on Street With Sign

Intellectually Stimulating Game ( How Fast Can You Think? )

Video of the $100 MIT laptop

Cheap iBooks in Jan.

Black Friday 2005 Complete List

Parents Sue World of Warcraft

The Mathematical Magic of the Fibonacci Numbers

Owner brings 1990 Macintosh Classic to Genius Bar for "upgrade" NO JOKE!

RootkitRevealer see if you have the Sony Root Kit

Scarf Girl (A Sung that Herb wrote the music to and a few of the good lyrics. James did the rest!)

Sunday, November 06, 2005