Sunday, January 15, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 33 (1-15-06)

The Return of Whatever gang wants to thank Brian for being the first guest co-host. Amit and Herb join Brian for the 33rd ROW show! Next week another guest co-host and as well as the week after that. This week we covered many educational topics.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 33 1-15-06) 17.5 megs mp3

Mac Book - Intel CPU on a mac

Site Advisor - neet service to help you stop from getting SPAM

59% of teachers would consider using video games in schools

Interactive reading impedes learning:

Polyphasic sleeping- the solution for overworked students?

College Students Play Prank On Cops Via Facebook

Security expert Steve Gibson claims WMF exploit is a deliberate back-hole

Microsoft Disputes WMF Claim by Steve Gibson

The growing phenomenom known as "Internet"

Newscast from 1993 on the "Internet"

Addendum by Brian.

Gmail also supports "plus-addressing" of emails. Messages can be sent
to addresses in the form: where
extratext can be any string. Plus-addressing allows users to sign up
for different services with different aliases and then easily filter
all e-mails from those services. It does not appear, however, that the
+string feature works when sending email from a Gmail account to
Users can then manipulate incoming traffic in Gmail by working with
the "sent to " option for filters.