Sunday, January 08, 2006

Return Of Whatever Podcast 32 (1-08-06)

It has been a great time doing this cast and here we are starting a new year! Herb and Amit talk about some great stuff in Podcast 32 such as different kinds of hacks, algorithms and even how to win free stuff by using a search engine.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 32 1-8-06) 24.8 megs mp3

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Amit's MySpace Page

Google Video Link of the Videopodast

Google Video Link of the Nerd Kung-Fu Movie

Student accused of trying to crash school's computer system

Software for Starving Students 2006.01 Released

Google Pack is Live

Linux for the rest of us: Ubuntu

Windows Vista: The Features

Computer Programming Algorithms Directory

Your phone records are for sale

Homeland Security opening private mail

Dell: AMD A Distinct Possibility

Fatal1ty loses challenge at CES

List of old computer ads: Apple, IBM, Commodore and others.

Lexxe is 50% more accurate and relevant than any other search engines?

Win With Amit on Blingo!